About Us

About Us

About Us

Our aim is to help students achieve their goals and desire all over the world. – Bharati

Nurturing Minds is my way of giving back to the society. Graphology combined with Career Counselling is a full power package that gives a valuable insight to help children find their true callings. We at Nurture Minds believe in providing Career Counselling services across the globe.

We focus on understanding a student’s aptitude and options in order to pick a field for themselves with complete awareness from the ocean of choices. While we counsel affluent students, we also reach out to the underprivileged to guide them whenever we can so that our talent and resources don’t simply go to waste.

We are proud to be a part of various counselling networks and groups. This allows us to reach out to the people who need proper counselling. We have also initiated some workshops that speak about various types of counselling and how can it help you better your life.

We believe in spreading our knowledge and services throughout!

About Bharati

Bharati K Trivedi, founder of Nurturing Minds is a consultant child and adult psychologist, career counselor, practicing graphologist, signature and logo analyst, personal counselor and a Sexuality-educator for children, pre-teens and teens. Bharati originally hails from the hill-town of Panchgani. Her husband, Kumar Trivedi, is a practicing lawyer in Mumbai. She is the mother of two grown-up boys - Nimai and Advait who are abroad.

Bharati set up Nurturing Minds in 2012 with a goal to enhance, develop, educate and enlighten professionals, individuals, housewives, young adults and children by reaching out at various levels. She is also an Indian and International Career Counselor and has helped many students, professionals & housewives choose the right career paths.

An ardent Graphologist practicing for 25 years and Career Counselor, who believes in sharing her knowledge and experience with students and the youth in order to guide them towards a successful future.
She holds a rich educational background along with various certifications like - B.com, Certified Global Career Counselor by University of California, Los Angeles (Extension and a Green Belt Certified Counselor by University). She has done certificate courses in career counseling from Jnana Prabodhini, Pune & Pearson Academy.

With hands-on experience in dealing with different types of people for more than 25 years, Bharati has mastered the skill to communicate with students and parents. She is a keen observer and picks the right clues (verbal & non-verbal) from the candidate. She is known to have a great rapport with her clients. Clients have an extra advantage while visiting Bharati for consultation. She not only counsels them but also studies their handwriting which helps her serve them better.